Rental Requirements

Pickup and drop off is anytime of day (24/7) once you have a booking confirmation. Once your booking is verified, we send you digital Keys for self service pick up and drop-off in our 24 hour lot well lit with 24hrs security.


Reach out if you don’t have insurance to explore your options to rent with us.

Yes, delivery within the DFW area is $200 round trip.

All renters must have a valid driver’s license within the United States, be 21+ yrs of age, and have full coverage insurance.

The security deposit varies depending on the Tesla you choose and is between $29/day. This is a “hold” and not a charge. The security deposit will be returned after our rental is returned within 24-48hrs.

All renters must be at least 21 years of age to rent our exotics. All drivers under age 25 will pay a young driver surcharge.

Although showing up to a big event in a Model X makes all of your friends jealous, you should abstain from letting anyone other than yourself drive the car. Even in the best of circumstances, accidents can happen and you don’t want to pay a premium on the insurance if it turns out you weren’t the one driving the car. Tesla cars also have incredible motors and can gain speed more quickly than people might expect, leading to incredibly dangerous situations. Help keep yourself and your cars’ admirers safe by making sure you’re the only driver throughout the duration of the rental.

Yes, you can park in our lot. We have a well-lit parking lot with 24hr parking and security but don't leave any valuables in the car.

After you make payment, we ask to verify your Driver's License, and we begin your rental contract for pickup. There is also a security deposit of $300, which is 100% refundable on return.

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