Booking Verification Steps

You must have an online booking or a phone booking before you can pick up a vehicle. We do not do onsite bookings. You can come to our office to pickup a vehicle once your booking is confirmed. We also have ample 24hr parking on premise with security if you need to park your vehicle while on a trip with one of our vehicles.

Prior To Pickup And Vehicle Access, We Do Need To

For convenient remote license verification, go ahead and send a picture of your driver license


  • Second, send a picture of you holding driver license next to your face to prove its in your possession. 

Send us some necessary information needed below via Text to +1-832-5525808 or Whatsapp to +1.832.552.5808 

  • Can you also send us a photo/screenshot of your valid auto insurance card.

Text or Whatsapp to +1.832.552.5808

After we verify your information above, we will send you your rental contract and vehicle inspection pictures to your email for E-sign.

  • Send these as soon as possible so that we can ready your booking. Last minute driver/insurance information can sometimes affect/delay pickup time.

We then process your security deposit hold to the same card you booked with. The amount of the security deposit hold depends on your age and which car you booked.

The security deposit hold gets returned to your card within 48hrs after vehicle return and inspection is completed.

The security deposit is currently $300 over 25 yrs of age and $450 under 25.

We then send you digital Keys so that you can find and unlock the vehicle upon pickup. We also send you a picture of where the vehicle is parked in the parking lot. You can also use the App Locator to find the car.

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