Kitana – Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Meet Kitana – The eye turning cherry red Model 3 long range. Sexy on the outside with the matching 19″ sport wheels and stunning on the inside with the beautiful glass roof that shines the light on the beautiful white interior. It feels like you’re outside inside.

Don’t let all that beauty fool you, she’s planted to the ground and swift as she cuts through the competition with the dual motor AWD electric motors that get her 0-60 in 3.9secs, putting a grin smile on your face.

Best revolution in driving the world has seen since the iPhone.

• 0-60 in 3.9 SECS!!!

• No gas!

• Panoramic glass roof. Epic one piece glass from front to back.

  • 19’’ Sport Wheels
  • Auto Pilot
  • Black and White Premium Interior
  • Heated seats
  • Long Range All-Wheel Drive
  • Premium Sound
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